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Hi! I'm Rhianna

There is truly nothing that fills me up more than to gift this world and the people in it a little more joy. Guess what!? Creating your perfect style, the one that brings that smile to your face, that brings me so much joy! I have been a licensed stylists for over ten years, and still love it just as much as my very first day. While I started out doing wedding hair, that lead me to owning my own successful wedding planning business for 6yrs. Let’s just say I couldn’t get enough, but my heart missed being there in the morning helping everyone get ready and feeling their best. Fast forward to now….. Here I am back where my passion for hair and my heart for weddings combine and I couldn’t be happier. The tool belt I carry is full of knowledge that I can’t wait to share it with you.

As a wife and mom I live to see my boys succeed and want to be their greatest cheerleader along the way! This same passion is lived out in my creative and business ventures as I keep looking for ways to encourage and celebrate the important things in the lives of each of you. So you can call me your personal cheerleader, cheering you on every step of the way!

Life is meant to be celebrated!


Owner & Principle Stylist

Based in Western Washington State

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